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Witches’ Night Out Mask

Hello, would V want to play a game? "FUNNY AND FRIGHTENING"
These wigged full-head costumes are available for you.
a large lips, enormous eyes, a black hairpiece, and a crimson slash of a grin.
Be careful; never attempt this anyplace or at any time.

This costume is composed of premium, 100% natural environmental rubber latex, making it non-toxic and odourless.
The manufacturing procedure included a deodorization step.
Non-toxic, odor-free, water-proof insulation with a highly realistic appearance, and simple to clean.
Try our ROHS-approved latex goods, please.

There are no barriers in the way of your ability to see and breathe.
Through the costume's eye, you can see.
This will make you feel happier and more energetic.

Witches’ Night Out Mask

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