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Roots for Fears Mask

The mask may have a slight scent due to the lengthy shipping process; however, if you open the package and let the mask in the air for a bit, the smell will eventually go away. Excellent Material: Made of 100% natural latex, which is non-toxic and ecologically safe.

Vivid 3D Design - 5 Choices of Patterns Masks, 1:1 Replica for Movie Role Play, Fit for Your Face Perfectly, Great Details of the Face, Expression, and Hair on the Mask, More Original; With Santa Hat, Pout Expression, and Snicker Expression, You Will Like One or More Of Them

The excellent and distinctive, exquisite apparel, clothes, and gift for a birthday; suitable for any special events, such as Christmas, Halloween, Carnivals, themed parties, and stage shows;

Roots for Fears Mask

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