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Dinosaur Masks with Moving Jaw

Adventure: You can transform into a dinosaur.
In your heart, summon the extinct dinosaurs, and let them scream and rampage over this landscape.
Simply avoid eating any other dinosaurs as they would all perish if you did.
Anyone who wants to feel like the king of the jungle should wear this mask.
Since the item is universally sized, it can fit any facial shape.

This mask includes a 3D dinosaur head with lifelike characteristics.
The jaw opening mechanism enables chewing movements for more lifelike movements, and the dinosaur has excellent frowns, pointed teeth, large green eyes, and is designed to scare your friends.

There are two sizes available, one for adults (17*20*27CM) and the other for kids (16*16*24CM).
Dinosaur masks are the finest accessories for parent-child interactions since kids adore them.

Dinosaur Masks with Moving Jaw

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